About BTC Trading Inc Review – Tokyo, Japan

We are BTC and XRP traders in Tokyo Japan.  We are overseeing the trading and technology implementation of the banking revolution in Japan.  The likes of SBI Ripple Asia with its use of XRP is of significant future.  R3 with its Corda Settler.  And Ripple with its XRP and its apps like Xcurrent, Xspring, Xrapid.

What is BTC? Bitcoin, the first crypto currency that proves this concept works.  It runs on the old Proof of Work method which is now shown as defunct owing to the many forks of Bitcoin.  And then came the hash wars of 2018 with the fight over Bitcoin Cash which resulted in the fork Bitcoin SV.

The problem with an anonymous BTC lead developer like Satoshi Nakamoto is that he is nowhere to be found to sign any deals or agreements or contracts.

SBI Group is headed by Yoshitaka Kitao.

Ripple is headed by CEO Brad Garlinghouse and CTO David Schwartz.

R3  is a consortium of more than 200 firms with CTO Richard G Brown.

BTC Trading Inc Review believes the future is XRP.  Future exchanges will be built on the foundation of XRP.  BTC will remain standing because it was initially the foundation, the base currency of older exchanges, but slowly and surely XRP is replacing BTC as the base.  XRP is just faster, cheaper, more secure and has public companies and public personalities behind it.  XRP is just better that Bitcoin, think of XRP as Bitcoin 2.0.

Ripple XRP R3 SBI Will Dominate Crypto