The crypto world was more than amused when anti-virus mogul John McAfee famously said he would consume his own manhood on live TV if bitcoin wasn’t at $1 million by the end of this year. Now it seems he is betting on different digital horses.


There have been plenty of million dollar price predictions for bitcoin, but very few of them for 2020. Crypto warlord, John McAfee, made that one back in mid-2017 when BTC was priced at $2,200.

Since then, bitcoin prices have skyrocketed but they’re still a long way off the predicted seven figures.

In a recent tweet, the outspoken cyber security boss said it was just a ruse to onboard new users. Either way you look at it, it worked and McAfee keeps his manhood.

He added though that BTC was ancient technology, likening it to the Model T, Ford’s first automobile.

Of course the replies were a collection of what crypto twitter has become these days; toxic tribalism.

An argument on the merits of Ford’s first and current cars detracted a little from the crypto issue and JM’s apparent sudden distaste for bitcoin.

One interesting take is that McAfee may not be dumping bitcoin as some have assumed, but that he sees privacy, smart contracts and dapps being more relevant.